Christina is a born entrepreneur and a strong advocate for building business that align with purpose. As a freedom-driven mother, she has continually evolved her own business to reflect her values and beliefs, always striving to teach others how to achieve success and build impactful businesses while reducing work hours so they can spend more time with their family raising their kids.

For several years, Christina successfully owned and operated a salon and onsite wedding business, where she enjoyed working with her clients. However, she felt a deep desire to make a bigger impact and empower others in a more profound way. When her daughter was born, she embarked on a journey to become an expert in business strategy, online marketing, and leadership.

Now, Christina’s mission is to teach individuals how to find freedom and create their dream lifestyle by sharing creative, customized business strategies that allow them to work intentionally and focus on their goals. Originally from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, Christina and her family currently reside in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Her influence extends beyond her teaching platform, as she actively shares valuable business building ideas and inspiration on podcasts, speaking engagements, and through social media. Her ultimate goal is to empower others to create multiple streams of income which allow them to live outside a system designed to keep them broke, to pursue their passions and live a fulfilling life that inspires their children and makes them proud.

Under her brand, Life Transformed, Christina runs an exclusive Mastermind program called “The 6 Figure Profit Plan.” This program assists entrepreneurs in building and breaking through the six-figure mark in their business while honing their skills, confidently presenting their brands, and implementing systems that generate income without leading to burnout.

Christina’s true passion lies in helping entrepreneurs live a life beyond the balance that most people seek, empowering them to make more money and build purpose-centred businesses that inspire and fulfill them… while creating the freedom they deserve to live life on their terms.

“Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Disruptive. You are capable of things far beyond your wildest dreams if you just have the courage to go for it.” – Christina Whiteley



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What people are saying

Christina is fully aware of the state of the world and yet she sees possibility everywhere. Her breadth of knowledge is quite amazing and she weaves this knowledge into opportunity for entrepreneurs to make more than the best of themselves. Her ‘school of life’ stories are amazing. Who wouldn’t want to learn from someone with real life experience…good, bad and awesome!

Laura Riddoch

Christina did not disappoint. This workshop was one of the best I’ve ever attended. Packed with value in many different areas that are very relevant to what is going on in the world and how to navigate it and come out on top. I am grateful for being able to participate in this inspiring workshop and recommend it to anyone who is considering.

Nadine Panta Flexhaug

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