What my clients are saying

You grow through what you are going through.

And huge growth requires tough choices, many changes, and making sacrifices. I will be the first to admit, it’s hard. Damn hard.

But one things I know, it’s so much harder doing it alone.

To get you the next level, you surround yourself with mentors that pour into you, who believe in you even when there are days you don’t believe in yourself. A mentor who has paved the way before you, so you have a faster path to get there.

My friends, that’s how you learn to be better. How you come out on top. And how you will look back on some of the most challenging times, with a grin, and say to yourself… “Look at me now, I did it!”

Christina Whiteley – all I can say is thank you. For your spirit, leadership, and friendship. And being that mentor for me and so many other amazing women. Now, let’s kick some ass!

Cherie Jennings

Working with Christina this past year has been so insightful, challenging, and rewarding in more ways than one. What began on my part, as a search for accountability, developed into so much more.

Christina has shown me how to use my natural gifts and passions to further, not only my affiliate business, but my acting career too. As a direct result of Christina’s coaching on building an acting Facebook community for shared learning, I’m delighted to announce I have been signed by a Talent Agent and am getting ready to launch an online course with multi-award winning Irish Actor/Writer/Director… oh and to top it all off, I’ve had my best month ever in my affiliate business

Katie Ozolkaja

Thank you, Christina! By letting me in your 6FPP and seeing how you onboard, I was able to set up my own page which is freaking fabulous! People have viewed it, loved it, and now, I’m confident to bring people in! And have a process for them to follow. I give them steps. When they’re done with step 1, they notify me and proceed to step 2. Just that alone was worth it’s weight in gold for this program. Thank you!!! Thank you for the prayers also!!!
Amber Corasaniti

About a year ago, I knew I needed some tweaking in my business to take it to the next level. I locked arms with Christina and her 6 Figure Profit Plan and it has been beyond my expectations! I have gotten so much out of it. I’ve been such an increase in my business in the last year. It was my best year in business especially Black Friday. If you’re struggling in your business or need some fine tweaking, I highly recommend 6 Figure Profit Plan!
Amanda Young

Christina knows her stuff! I have listened to many coaches and motivational speakers and Christina really has it going on! She has a wonderful macro view of the world as well which few people possess. Absolutely loved signing on every day. Great book recommendations as well! Absolutely worth my time
Shelley Yaremcio

Christina did a great job with leading the discussions, creating relatable content and topics. Very motivating! Very informative! Discussions were not always “strictly business”, which was nice to have some human interaction and emotions. I think that a lot of people could benefit from a Coach like Christina. Loving the realness of it all! Thank you for offering this and opening up discussions that can sometimes be challenging.
Anais Besner